Electronic Controls

There are times when you need to focus control on one piece of equipment such as refrigerated case or cold room. As well as enabling you to take charge of individual elements within your business our specialist controllers are optimised to minimise energy consumption.

Refrigerated Cases & Cold Rooms

Better control of the system minimises the cost of operation. In built schedules help you control functions such as lighting and defrosts to reduce wasted energy.

Our unique EEV control strategy is designed to help create a stable return suction pressure which has a significant effect on improving plant operation and reducing energy consumption.

Refrigerated Case/Cold Room controller

  • TEV/EEV control offering a single unit for all applications
  • On board power relays reducing the cost of intermediate wiring
  • Twin integral compressor control with built in anti cycle timers
  • In built communications network
  • On board real time clock for full stand alone operation

Case/Cold Room Controller MO1CC105

Power Tray (Off Cycle Defrost)

  • Simplifies the use of controls with refrigerated cases
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • Small foot print
  • Fully isolated with necessary sub fusing removes the requirement for expensive case trays

Power Tray (Off Cycle Defrost) MO1PWT101

Associated Components

MO4CD101 Case display with key switch
MO4CD102 Case display NO key switch
MO4HH101 Hand held programmer