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Monitoring Systems & System Supervisors

Our Versatile monitoring and control systems offer you the best of both worlds, a simple solution to meet all your needs and the flexibility to tailor the solution towards how you run your business.

They are designed in such a way that you only pay for what you need and they can be used on their own or as part of a system.

Refrigerated Cases & Cold Rooms

Better control of the system minimises the cost of operation. In built schedules help you control functions such as lighting and defrosts to reduce wasted energy. Our unique EEV control strategy is designed to help create a stable return suction pressure which has a significant effect on improving plant operation and reducing energy consumption More...

Plant Controls

The system is modular in design providing cost effective solutions for most applications simply by adding the required modules to suit the application. Each controller can be configured for up to three separate control functions allowing any combinations of LT, HT and condenser control from a single unit. Energy saving features including floating head reduce operating costs. More...

Compressor control - Different algorithms are available depending on the type of application allowing you, for example, to mix and match different size compressors, rotate the start compressors, equalizers run hours and reduce the number of starts.

Condenser Control - Algorithms are available to simply step the fans, rotate the lead fan or for complete control you can use mix and match allowing you to set exactly which fans run at different stages.


A comprehensive range of electrical panels specifically tailored to our range of controllers. All the functions of the standard case/cold room controller installed into a robust panel.

  • Door switch control input functions
  • Independent defrost heater and pan heater control
  • Supplied with 5 temperature probes


Refrigerant Leak Detection

To produce our Wireless Gas Monitoring Sensors we have teamed up with a leading gas sensor manufacture, Murco ( By incorporating our wireless technologies with Murco’s sensors we can offer a broad range of gas monitoring solutions.


Replacement Temperature Sensors

We offer an excellent choice of industry standard equivalent sensors with proven reliability specifically designed for operation within harsh refrigerated environments.

We supply replacement sensors for RDM, Danfoss, CDK, Elm, Carel, JTL controllers. Our equivalent probes are all manufactured here in the UK and are backed up by our 5 year probe warranty. All probes are also available with Brad Harrison connectors if required. More...