Plant Controls

The system is modular in design providing cost effective solutions for most applications simply by adding the required modules to suit the application. Each controller can be configured for up to three separate control functions allowing any combinations of LT, HT and condenser control from a single unit.

Compressor control

Different algorithms are available depending on the type of application allowing you, for example, to mix and match different size compressors, rotate the start compressors, equalizers run hours and reduce the number of starts.

Condenser Control

Algorithms are available to simply step the fans, rotate the lead fan or for complete control you can use mix and match allowing you to set exactly which fans run at different stages

Multi-Purpose Pack Module

  • Modular design ensures you only pay for the functionality you need
  • Controls up to 16 compressors or fans
  • Independent override shutdown
  • Mix and match compressors, rotary and step modes
  • Programmable in bar or PSI
  • Compressor run signals
  • Capacity limiting for critical power conditions
  • False load control

Multi-Purpose pack Module MO1PK105

Associated Components

  • Relay Board 4 channel. MO3RB104
  • Input Board 8 channel. MO3IB108
  • Pressure Display. MO4PK101
  • Transducer -1 - 34 bar. M22PT102