• Simple To Install
  • Live Data Review
  • Total Flexibility


Reducing and optimising energy consumption has always been an important part of our design strategy inspired by the fact that with the right support, you could bring your energy costs down by up to a third.

Before you start saving energy you need to know where it is used. We have the ability to accurately monitor all aspects of energy usage, be that electricity, gas or oil using a system of meters attached to our wireless sensors. Therefore we can provide you with real time data to show how energy saving measures are impacting the energy being used by your business.

Making it Simple

There are a number of dedicated, complex systems on the market for monitoring your energy consumption/reducing your C02 and giving you masses of data to review. At Tektroniks we have simplified this to give you the ability to be able to monitor your energy consumption in a way that is easy to understand, gives you real time information and is highly flexible in its operation.

Using our wireless technology means our system is simple to retro install into current buildings and can monitor whole energy use in the business to a single piece of machinery.

Review Live Data

By networking the base station the data collected from the energy sensors can be viewed on any PC/Laptop using a standard internet browser. Data can be graphed automatically and compared against other factors/date references. This gives simple review capabilities that allow you to monitor energy reduction actions you have taken easily and in real time.

Choosing the right System for your business

We produce a range of wireless monitoring systems covering every business sector, so whether you are monitoring the energy used by a single piece of machinery or your consumption within your head office facility we have a system for you. We have technical advisors on hand to discuss your requirement and can offer free site surveys, tips on installation or even install it for you. Click here for more information on how our wireless system operates and the best product to suit your requirements.