Food Service

  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • HACCP Compliant Reports
  • Minimise Risk of Stock Loss

HACCP Compliant Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

With a temperature measurement range of -200°C to +200°C our system automatically monitors and records the key temperature data within your food production and storage areas or processes.

Our monitoring systems are used extensively across the food industry by food producers, retailers and restaurateurs benefiting from our industry experience.

HACCP Reporting & Networked Data Review

The systems produce a HACCP compliant report each day. This report is stored electronically which can then be printed for a hard copy reference. Reports for any recorded period can be produced directly from the base station at any time.

When connected to a network, HACCP reports can be emailed and viewed remotely on the base station from any PC within your business.

Alarm Notification & Secure Historical Data Storage

Should temperatures exceed your set parameters our systems have multiple alarm options to let you know, from an internal audible alarm to a relay for auto-diallers/texts. This greatly minimises the risk of valuable stock loss.

The recorded data is stored on the base station in a secure format for upto 10 years, giving the ability to cover the entire period of your HACCP requirement.

Choosing the right System for your business

We produce a range of wireless monitoring systems covering every type of food business from food production through to end retailers. So whether you are monitoring just a single point, a 40,000 square foot potato store or a full food production facility we have a system for you. We have technical advisors on hand to discuss your requirement and can offer free site surveys, tips on installation or even install it for you. Click here for more information on how our wireless system operates and the best product to suit your requirements.