Warehouse & Distribution

  • Large Areas Covered
  • Multiple Factor Monitoring
  • Transit Temperature Logging

Monitoring in Large Warehouse & Distribution Area

No warehouses & distribution centres are ever the same. Layout and size vary greatly and with this in mind our warehouse monitoring systems are designed to be tailored to your needs. For large areas and where separate buildings are used on the same site we use our “Repeaters” to ensure the wireless signal to the base station from any point. Using “Repeaters” any size of building area and/or multiple floors can be easily monitored.

Multiple Factor Monitoring – We Are Not Just Temperature

Our experience tells us that in most warehouses it’s not just temperature that you want to monitor. This is why our base stations not only wirelessly monitor temperature, but can also monitor upto 10 other separate environment factors. You could monitor temperature, humidity, air movement, energy consumption, gas detection, light levels, flood detection and more. Giving you a totally flexible system with growth potential should your requirements change.

Transit Temperature Logging

Our “Roaming Temperature Sensor” gives distributors the ability to log the temperature data of their vehicles and then wirelessly upload this data into the base station when the vehicle returns. With upto 40 days onboard storage our “Roaming Probes” are a cost effective solution for both large hauliers and small distributors where vehicle temperature monitoring is part of your business.

Choosing the right System for your business

We produce a range of wireless monitoring systems covering every type of warehouse and distribution business. So whether you are monitoring just a single vehicle or a 100,000 square foot warehouse we have a system for you. We have technical advisors on hand to discuss your requirement and can offer free site surveys, tips on installation or even install it for you. Click here for more information on how our wireless system operates and the best product to suit your requirements.