Gas Leak Detection

  • Wireless monitoring
  • HCFC's, CFC's, HFC's, Hydrocarbons & Ammonia
  • Remote alarm capabilities

Gas Leak Detection

With ever increasing legislative requirements the need for gas monitoring is becoming a must. Legislation now means that various levels of either leak detection or inspection are required dependant on the scope of your gas usage.

We have teamed up with a leading gas sensor manufacture Murco ( By incorporating our wireless technologies with Murco’s sensors we can offer a broad range of gas monitoring solutions. Click here to view the full range of gases monitored.

Midi, DATAcentre and SAMie compatibility

The Midi, DATAcentre and SAMie can be easily configured to receive the data from Wireless Gas Sensors. For our existing customers, in most cases, all that would be needed is a software update for the Wireless Gas Sensor to be incorporated into your system. For new customers either system could be applicable dependant on your exact monitoring needs.

Alarm Features

Not only do you benefit from the systems alarming functions you also get an audible alarm function at the Wireless Gas Sensor point of installation. This means that even if your staff have not yet reacted to an active alarm on the system they are protected in the monitored environment by a further warning system. This greatly reduces any risks associated with the leaked gases for both your staff and customers alike.

Choosing the right System for your business

We produce a range of wireless monitoring systems covering all types of business sectors, so whether you are looking to monitoring refrigerant gas leakage or Co2 levels we have a system for you. We have technical advisors on hand to discuss your requirement and can offer free site surveys, tips on installation or even install it for you. Click here for more information on how our wireless system operates and the best product to suit your requirements.