How do our Systems Work

A typical system comprises of a base station, wireless sensors and if necessary wireless repeaters (range extenders). Our wireless sensors sample the monitored factor and send it wirelessly to the base station. If the wireless sensor is not in range of the base station, an optional wireless repeater can be used to forward the message.

The Base Station receives the wireless data and reviews it against set parameters as defined by the customer. If the data falls outside the defined parameters the Base Station activates an alarm notification. All data and alarm notifications are stored to its onboard memory for review at a later date.

The Base Station is a totally stand-alone monitoring system that can be networked via a standard network connection or broadband modem. Networked Base Stations have the ability to email alarm notifications and daily reports. Data can be accessed, viewed and graphed using any standard internet browser.

Our systems do not require a dedicated PC or expensive computer software.

Midi Unit - Base Station

The Midi is our entry level monitoring system that can receive data from upto 19 Wireless Sensors. The Midi has been designed to be easy to use and simple to set up and install. Completely stand alone the midi offers an easy to read display; customer defined high and low alarm thresholds and alarm delays. Data is stored at five minute intervals on its internal USB memory stick providing up to 10 years storage. A network upgraded enables full remote access, email alarm and reports capabilities. More...

DATAcentre - Base Station

The DATAcentre is our mid range system which offers the ability to receive data from upto 120 Wireless Sensors. Completely stand alone in operation with an in built graphical LCD display allowing current readings, alarm levels & historical data to be reviewed and actioned all direct from the unit. Networked connectivity as standard provides remote access and email alarm and reports capabilities. Data is recorded every one minute offering upto ten years on-board data memory storage. More...

Wireless Sensors

The sensors sample the monitored factor and transmit the reading to the base station once a minute. The Wireless Sensors are battery operated with a minimum of 5 years life based in normal operating conditions. The Base Station will notify of a need to change a sensor battery. The array of Tektroniks Wireless Sensors is extensive and in our experience just about anything is possible!

Wireless Repeaters to create a Mesh Network

The Repeater takes the signal from a Wireless Sensor and repeats it on to the Base Station. Using Wireless Repeaters large areas and complicated/multi floored installations are easily achievable. Repeaters are mains powered and require a standard mains power socket connection. Wireless Repeaters can be used to create strong mess-like networks for Tektroniks Wireless sensors and Base Station.