Frequently asked questions about wireless temperature monitoring systems.

Please find below some questions that are frequently asked before purchasing our wireless temperature monitoring systems. For more information on technical aspects of the monitoring system please see the links below;

What can your Wireless System monitor?

Our sensor can monitor a vast array of environmental and utilities based factors, below is a list of those that we are commonly asked for, if what you want monitored is not on the list then please click here to contact us.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Co2
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Smoke
  • Electricity Usage
  • Water Usage
  • Gas Usage
  • Power Indication
  • Light Levels
  • Airflow
  • Door Opening Indicators
  • Air Pressure
  • Water Levels
  • Liquid Flow Measurements
  • Plant Failure Notification
  • Wireless Gas & Gas Leak Detection

Will the radio interfere with any of my other wireless devices?

Our system works on a licence free 434Mhz band. This is safe to use and will work along side other equipment in that band and at other frequencies.

What temperature ranges can the system monitor?

We have a range of wireless sensor that can measure temperature in the range of -200 to +200C.

Is your Wireless system capable of thermal mapping?

Yes, our Wireless DATAcentre base unit can measure data from each Wireless Temperature Sensor individually and then group those together in a zone/building to give you an overall average. Not only can you do this with temperature, just about any environmental monitoring point can be mapped.

How far will the wireless signal reach?

Maximum distance outdoor line of site is 1000M. This could be reduced down to 150M when installed in a building although this is very dependant on the fabric of the building, walls ceilings etc

How long do the batteries last in your Wireless Sensors?

Within normal operating conditions, i.e. between -10 and +55 degree centigrade the Wireless Sensor batteries will operate with full functionality for 5 years

How many points can your Wireless System monitor?

The wireless DATAcentre can monitor up to 120 independent wireless sensors while our new Midi system can monitor up to 19.

In the event of an alarm can it send an SMS or email?

In the event of an alarm our wireless monitoring can be set to notify you by;

  • Sounding its internal sounder (a loud bleeping noise).
  • Send you an email detailing the precise nature of the fault.
  • Activate an external Claxton / remote strobe.
  • Send you an SMS text message.
  • Activate an auto dialler to send a voice message to a phone.
  • The Wireless Monitor can notify your monitoring bureau – see web section on 24/7 Monitoring Bureau

*Note depending on the system an additional upgrade of ad-on maybe required.

How is the data stored and for how long?

All alarms, data and user set points are stored on the base station. Please refer the individual specifications for full details on that product.

Can I back up the information held on the base unit?

Yes the base station has a USB connection and can be used to transfer data and reports.

Will your Wireless system warn me if I have an issue with the points being monitored?

The wireless system allows for individual high and low alarm thresholds to be configured for each wireless sensor. Once an alarm set point is exceeded the base unit will enter a warning state. If the reading is outside of the alarm thresholds continuously for the delay period (Configurable) an alarm event is trigged and the unit issues an alarm warning to the systems users.

Is your Wireless system secure?

The base stations have various user access levels providing different privileges. You can configure individual staff within your organisation different user rights. This gives you total peace of mind over the security of the system and total visibility and accountability for usage/changes made. All actions taken where the password is needed are stored with the time, date and user details.

Can I see if someone has made changes to the settings?

A user can only make settings changes to the system based on their user level. Where any changes are made the user will need to input their unique password. All details are recorded on the systems internal event log, with the time, date, action taken and the username of the person who made the changes. This gives you full visibility and your staff full accountability for all systems settings.

Can I connect the system to my computer?

The in built web server allows the system to be viewed from any PC without dedicated software. This gives you full access to your monitoring information, with a standard web browser using a secure log in, from anywhere in the world at any time.

Can I change the settings on the Wireless remotely?

Yes you can log into the system using a standard web browser and can review live data, vies historical data and view and action alarms.

Does your Wireless base unit have a battery back up?

Options are available for either an internal or external battery backup depending on the system and the period of time required. Please refer to the individual product specifications.

Can I add Wireless Sensors at a later date if my business needs change?

Yes, you can add Wireless sensors at any point up to the maximum number of sensors supported on the base unit.

Can your Wireless system measure my energy use?

Yes we have a wireless sensor that can connect to the output of a standard energy meter allowing you to view, log and compare similar to any other sensor on the system. Wireless Sensor can also be configured to measure water, gas or oil usage.