Sensors and Transducers

  • Industry standard replacement sensors
  • Available with Brad Harrison Connection

Our Wireless Sensors are designed to be both robust and compact. Each Wireless Sensor can either be fitted magnetically or positioned using a holding bracket depending on the nature of use.

The Wireless Sensor transmits it data to the Wireless DATAcentre every minute, once the DATAcentre receive the data it transmits back to the Wireless Sensor to let it know that all data has been received correctly.

In large buildings where the points to be monitored are a large distance from the DATAcentre base unit Repeater Modules are used to create a mesh type network. Using this system any size building can be covered.

We have a capability to monitor a vast array of environmental and utilities based indicators, below is a list of those that we are commonly asked for, if what you want monitored is not on the list then please click here to contact us.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Co2
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Smoke
  • Electricity Usage
  • Water Usage
  • Gas Usage
  • Power Indication
  • Light Levels
  • Airflow
  • Door Opening Indicators
  • Air Pressure
  • Water Levels
  • Liquid Flow Measurements
  • Plant Failure Notification
  • Wireless Gas & Gas Leak Detection

Using the latest technologies from Murco we have also developed Wireless Gas Monitoring Sensors with leak detections capabilities, to find more about our wireless gas monitoring and the gases that can be detected click here.

If you want more information on our sensor range or if you want to purchase our DATAcentre monitoring system, click here to contact us.