FAQ - Which D3 monitoring system is right for me?

The D3 base station you require depends on 2 factors:

1. The industry/space size the base station will be used in

2. The country it will be operating in


1. Industry / Space Size

D3 Medical

Has been designed and manufactured for use in the medical industry. The D3 Medical is compliant with FDA 21 CRF Part 11 meaning it meets the standards for storage and data review when used in conjunction with user defined procedures.

This system can be paired with up to 150 sensors. Its 8Gb memory card, for data back-up, ensures data is stored between 4-10 years.



Has been designed and manufactured for all other industries. The D3 is compliant with BRC, HACCP and GMP monitoring system requirements and is popular with medium to large enterprises & spaces.

The D3 can be paired with up to 150 different sensors. It also has a 4Gb memory card for data back-up which stores data for 2-8 years.



Has been designed and manufactured for small and medium enterprises & spaces. The D3 LITE is compliant with HACCP monitoring requirements.

As the LITE version of the D3 does not have a memory card it can be paired with a maximum of 20 sensors.


2. Country

The D3 is available for use globally. Our wireless communication works off 2 different frequency bands, 433 MHz & 2.4 GHz, and the system you require depends on which country it will be operating in.

The power supply also differs depending on the country of operation.


It's best to let us know what country the system will be used in and we will ensure you get the right system.

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