The D3 monitoring system is here

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the wireless D3 monitoring system provides a wide range of industries with a high level view of various environmental factors such as temperature, energy and relative humidity.

With an array of benefits such as a touch screen base station, simple sensor pairing process and remote alarming, the D3 gives peace of mind when it comes to protecting valuable inventory. The real time data capture allows for the prediction of potential hazards before it becomes a dilemma.

There are 2 primary versions of the monitoring system, the D3 and the D3 LITE. The main differences between the two is the number of sensors that can be paired to each system, the data back-up media and a battery back-up function. THE D3 LITE will appeal to companies looking to monitor up to 20 different points whereas the D3 can hold up to 150 sensors making the systems flexible and scalable to individual needs.

For more information, download the brochure here or call us on 0115 989 0090 to discuss your monitoring needs.

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D3 monitoring system

D3 monitoring system