Tek Troniks design and manufacture robust, accurate and reliable wireless and hardwired monitoring solutions.

Our systems automatically monitor temperature and other factors and have the capability to alarm when warning and critical points are exceeded.

All data and alarm notifications are securely stored and the data is readily available in report and graphical format. Each base station is a standalone monitoring system without the need for; cloud access, dedicated computers, any 3rd party software to be loaded or any ongoing licence fees.

With system versions to meet all needs and budgets the D3 monitoring systems make automatic monitoring affordable.

At a glance:

  • Long range wireless communications
  • Alarm notifications with user control alarm responses
  • Data logging and review for up to 8 years
  • Multiple users with levels of rights
  • Standalone system, no dedicated PC/Server or licensed software

Tek Troniks D3 Systems

Our monitoring systems and sensors are specifically designed with accuracy to meet the legislative and customer needs of different market sectors. They are used across a broad spectrum of industries around the world.

You'll have access to live and historic data, this allows you to compare changes over time and produce compliant reports. Data is stored and can be reviewed at one minute intervals, you also have access to all data stored in the full history of the system memory.

As the systems are completely scalable, you can have up to 150 sensors per base station. They can communicate wirelessly, hardwired or a mix of both depending on your needs.


Wireless and hardwired monitoring

Our full spectrum of sensors can accommodate for solutions that need to be wireless, hardwired and a mixture of both. You can mix and match sensor types as you need them.

Wireless monitoring, especially wireless temperature monitoring, is the most common application of our systems. Our proven, secure communications protocols mean our wireless systems operate in the harshest of environments.

Our wireless systems are easier to install than our hardwired solutions and offer the advantage that operations within the business can continue during the installation process.

If part or the whole of your setup is better suited to hardwired solutions, we also have a suite of input modules and sensors to meet this need.


Secure systems

Our D3 and D3 Medical base stations come with an internal 12 hour rechargeable battery backup. Even in the event of a power loss these system can continue to monitor and provide you with data. On restoration of power the system will recharge its battery automatically.

Both systems also have automatic backup of all recorded data to an integral HD micro MMC storage device, this gives you added data security and provides upto 8 years of data logging and a fully viewable system history.


3rd Party Wireless Bridge

Our 3rd Party Wireless Bridge is a panel mount version of the D3 LITE with full Modbus Slave over IP capabilities.

Using Modbus allows you to incorporate data from our full range of wireless sensors into 3rd party systems, cloud base monitoring solutions and integrated building management systems (BMS).


Sensors to suit any system requirements

From simple temperature monitoring to ultra low temperatures and %RH humidity tracking, we have a huge range of sensors that will precisely gather and record the data you need.

Depending on your requirements, you can add up to 150 sensors that will accurately show changes in your monitored environment. You can use this data to help you stay in line with legislations and protect your product from the damage temperature and humidity changes can cause.

We also offer a range of more specialist sensors that can monitor more specialised factors, including:

  • Refrigerant gas leak detection
  • Pulses produced by modern utility meters
  • Linear and digital input that read data from 3rd party sensors
See our full range of sensors


Monitor any size of space

When you need to cover larger facilities, our wireless repeaters can be used to create a mesh network. Our wireless sensors then use this mesh network to communicate securely with your base station.

Once the mesh is set up additional sensors can be easily added to extend the capability of our monitoring system with ease.

Our repeaters are powered, and can also be battery backed to give a constant monitoring system when used with the D3 and D3-Medical bases stations – even during power outages.