Our refrigeration controls are manufactured at our UK site and are designed for the retail food industry.

From small corner shops to large supermarkets, each refrigeration system is designed to control retail chilling and freezing. This includes display cases, stock and store cold rooms and their associated plant.

Used by retailers across the food retail sector, our refrigeration controls systems make a complex operation simple to use. The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme approval on our refrigeration controls and supervisor system also makes them tax efficient.

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At a glance:

  • Energy efficient and ECA approved
  • Standalone or networked system
  • Wired and wireless solutions
  • Proven durability and reliability

Refrigerated case and cold-room controls

Our case and cold-room controllers are designed to be energy efficient and give you close control.

Controllers can operate alone or connect to a system supervisor for full network operation.

Control strategies include, TEV, EEV, Single/Twin and Inverter Driven Compressor.


Plant controls

Our plant controls are modular and IO can be added to suit the required application.

With energy-saving features such as our Ambient Tracking Technologies (which allow for floating head pressures that greatly reduce operating costs), our plant controls offer a cost-effective solution. Each controller can be configured to provide up to three separate control functions, allowing any combinations of LT, HT and condenser control from a single unit.


Compressor & Condenser control

Compressor Control - different algorithms are available depending on the type of application allowing you to: mix and match different sized compressors, rotate the start compresssors, equalize run hours and reduce the number of starts.

Condenser control - algorithms are available to step the fans and rotate the lead fan. For complete control, a mix and match can be set, allowing for direct control of exactly what fans run at different stages.


Refrigeration system supervisor

A system supervisor oversees all connected controls and plant equipment providing both local and remote access to site status.

It records and stores control and sensor data and has alarm capabilities to alert you when something is wrong.

It can collect data from wireless and hard-wired probes, giving you all-round monitoring system capabilities


Reducing energy consumption

As a manufacturer of refrigeration control systems we are constantly striving to reduce the energy consumption of our control equipment with a number of our products being ECA approved.

Over the years of developing systems we have been at the forefront in the development of a number of strategies, including;

  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) control strategy creating a stable return suction pressure resulting in improved plant operation.
  • Ambient temperature tracking to optimise the condenser control.
  • Inverter driven case and compressor control.
  • Scheduled control of case operating times.


Replacement refrigeration temperature probes

We supply replacement refrigeration temperature probes commonly used across the retail food sector.

These equivalent probes are designed and built to the highest quality specification, giving you direct replacements at a competitive price for RDM, Danfoss, JTL, CDK, Micron, Carel, Dixel, Elm and many more...

We supply individual or multiple volumes of probes direct from stock for next day delivery.

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