The D3 Medical temperature monitoring system is designed to be compliant with MHRA and FDA CFR 21 Part 11 standards.

The system is used within the NHS and notable blue chip organisations across the world, from hospitals and pharmacies to drug laboratories and cryogenic storage facilities.

The system allows vital temperatures to be monitored automatically and for alarm notifications to be sent when action needs to be taken.

Every minute, the secure, standalone system automatically records tamper-proof data. The D3 Medical system gives you full audit review capabilities by recording system changes, alarm notification and alarm actions. This allows you to have complete accountability where you need it.

At a glance:

  • Assists with compliance to MHRA and FDA CRF21 Part 11 standards
  • Automatic alarm notifications
  • Tamperproof data storage & reporting
  • UKAS calibration available from factory

Monitoring for peace of mind

D3 Medical offers you all round environment monitoring. Our full range of intelligent sensors are capable of being connected to your system, giving you the ability to communicate with and track multiple additional factors such as:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure differential sensors
  • Critical equipment fault status

Our sensors are proven to be robust, secure and reliable, so you can be confident they will precisely record the details to help you meet the industry's legislative and compliance standards.


Alarm and audit trail

The system has full alarm capabilities that will only alert you when sensor readings meet lower, upper and critical warnings. Your D3 Medical system is monitoring 24/7 – you’ll only receive email and audible alerts if something is wrong.

For full control over the system, you can set privilege levels for users. They will have specific access rights to acknowledge and add notes to alarms while viewing and creating reports.

Each user has a unique electronic signature that’s stored against any system or alarm actions they complete. Users also have their own username and password control for full system security.

All alarm and system event activity is tracked by the D3 Medical and logged in a secure tamper-proof format. This makes it easy to see a full history of events for audit purposes.


Tracking data with in-depth reports

The system gives you up to eight years of data storage capacity with daily auto back-ups.

Live data can be viewed directly at the base station or from any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile that’s connected on your network. It uses a secure login over the system’s network interface.

Users can generate comprehensive reports and graphs to show an overview of the system on a per-day basis. This includes the max, min and average of each sensors records and an overview of the recorded data over a 24 hour period.

All data can be viewed using the system graphing tool. Daily, weekly or monthly graphs are available and user-defined date periods can be set.


Calibration and mapping

We offer expert temperature and relative humidity calibration of your sensors. Our in-house calibration laboratory is accredited to UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

As well as calibration to the UKAS standard at our laboratory we can also offer UKAS calibration on your sites depending on your specific needs.

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More information about calibration